Basic Japanese for Searching Auctions

Basic Japanese for Searching Auctions

When trying to source parts to convert your scooter to match the Japanese version you will likely be using Yahoo Auctions Japan (through your preferred proxy service). This is by far the most efficient way to find parts, however it can be time consuming if you don't know the Japanese to find the remaining parts you need. We've gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the most common terms you will need to find all of your conversion parts.

Note that if you want to find very specific things scrolling many pages or using Google Translate may be necessary. Without further ado a quick Japanese Vocab list.

Chassis codes to find parts for your specific scooter:

When searching we suggest using a single "code" at a time followed by your search term, ex. "AF09 ヘッドライト" to search for a Tact headlight, for more results you could then try "タクトヘッドライト" to see if you receive new results.

If you aren't finding the part you are looking for after using these terms try to broaden your search using only the chassis code and looking through each page of results.

Note: Auctions with multiple parts (ex. full Tact plastics, or complete headsets) will normally cost less than purchasing each piece individually. Be sure to also factor in that shipping will likely be expensive.

Aero 50 (NB50M): AF09, タクト, TACT

'87 Elite 50 (SE50): AF12, AF19, DJ1, DJ1R, DJ1RR

Riva Jog (CE50): 27V, ジョグ, JOG

English Japanese
Super Tact スパタク
Courrages Tact クレタク
Courrages クレージュ
Honda ホンダ
Genuine (Can help for OEM parts) 純正
Front フロント
Front Fender フロントフェンダー
Front Fork (Suspension) Cover フロントフォークカバー
Box Inner (Tact Glove Box/Cubby Plastic) ボックスインナー
Headlight ヘッドライト
Handle Bar ハンドル
Handle Cover (Rear headset plastic) ハンドルカバー
Light Cowl (Front headset plastic) ライトカウル
Light Cover (Similar to Light Cowl) ライトカバー
Hand Control (Handle Switch) ハンドルスイッチ
Blinker (Turn Signals) ウインカー
Turn Signal Lens ウインカーレンズ
Side Cowl (Side Plastic) サイドカウル
Inner Cowl (Inner Plastic) インナー ステップ
Inner Step Cowl (Inner Plastic) インナー ステップ カウル
Floorboard ボード カウル
Rear Fender リアフェンダー
Inner Fender インナーフェンダー
Cowl カウル
Tail Lamp テールランプ
Main Harness メインハーネス
Muffler/Exhaust (Stock) マフラー
Chamber (Aftermarket) チャンバー
Seat シート
Air Cleaner (Air Box) エアクリーナー
Wheel ホイール
Shuriken Wheel 手裏剣ホイール
10 inch 10インチ
8 inch 8インチ

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