Aero 50 (NB50M) to Tact (AF09) Conversion Guide

Aero 50 (NB50M) to Tact (AF09) Conversion Guide

A good amount of the aero parts that we offer were made for the JDM Honda Tact, so you will need to convert your Aero 50 to a Tact in order to mount some of these parts. Luckily this is possible by using the JDM panels and lights, doing some mild wiring, and extending some studs. We recommend sourcing these parts from Japanese used part auction websites.

Necessary Parts

Left and right rear side body panels:

The most important part to converting an Aero 50 to a Tact

Rear inner fender:

This part is necessary to securely mount the Tact tail light as the Aero 50/Fullmark taillight utilizes a different inner fender/mounting points.

Rear Tail light:

Front inner cover:

This part is necessary to delete the stock USDM turn signals without leaving holes in the cover as the Japanese turn signals were mounted to the headset.

Headlight surround with JDM turn signals



    Smaller than USDM seat, the JDM seat also has piping that flows with the Tact panel design. An alternative to this piece would be to remove the cover from your stock seat and shave it down to either resemble the Tact seat or a "tiered seat" (often re-covered using velvet/chinchilla fabric).

    Front Fender:

    The USDM fender has a slightly rounder profile than the JDM fender, being a minor difference compared to the other pieces of the conversion makes this less necessary.


    The JDM headlight uses a plastic lens that has a replaceable and upgradable bulb rather than the USDM glass sealed beam. The mounting for the JDM headlight is different and either requires the JDM Tact headset or alterations to the USDM headset to mount.

    Hand Controls:

    The North American Aero 50 features a kill switch on the right hand control (due to DOT regulations). Meanwhile the Tact utilized a headlight On/Off switch (while the Aero 50 headlight is always on by default).

    Wire Harness:

    While not completely necessary to get the essentials working, utilizing a Tact harness will make all of the electronic parts of the conversion plug n play as opposed to needing to rewire your USDM harness.

    Gauge Cluster:

    While sharing the same shape, there are minor differences between the text on the clusters for USDM and JDM variants of these scooters (mainly MPH vs KPH). Considering this if you are concerned with obeying the speed limit (or don't care about the minor differences) leaving your stock cluster which reads MPH is perfectly acceptable.


    While the Tact came with the same wheels as those found in North America, the Honda Tact Fullmark S came with the same 6 spoke wheels found on the DJ1R also dubbed "Shurikens" which are a popular wheel to swap to. Note that Shuriken prices have significantly increased in the last few years, making them quite expensive even in poor condition.



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