How to convert your 1985-1987 USDM Honda Aero 50 to the JDM Honda Tact

A good amount of the aero parts that we offer were made for the JDM Honda Tact, so you will need to convert your Aero 50 to a Tact in order to mount some of these parts. Luckily it is possible by using the JDM panels and lights, doing some mild wiring, and extending some studs.

The Parts

First off to convert to JDM Tact Spec you need the following JDM Tact parts, we recommend sourcing these parts from Japanese used part auction websites.

Left and right rear side body panels

Rear inner fender

Rear Tail light

Front inner cover to remove USDM turn signals

Headlight surround with JDM turn signals


    Seat Smaller than USDM seat, the JDM seat also has piping that flows with the Tact panel design.

    Front Fender The USDM fender has a slightly rounder profile than the JDM fender, however it is not a very noticeable difference.
    Headlight The JDM headlight uses a plastic lens that has a replaceable and upgradable bulb rather than the USDM glass sealed beam. The mounting for the JDM headlight is different and either requires the JDM Tact headset or alterations to the USDM headset to mount.


      The Conversion

      (check back later for this information)

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